IHC Construction Companies, LLC

Eric Fuller, Project Engineer

JACK CSI utilized hydroexcavation to verify utility obstructions for 60 auger cast pile locations. The auger cast piles were 14" in diameter and drilled 60' on average, but contractually cleared 15' below finished grade. The hydroexcavation was completed with limited as-built information and no JULIE or DIGGER assistance. The information gathered helped with re-design of the auger cast pile locations. The crew was extremely knowledgeable, safe and prepared for the task. JACK CSI is not just another hydroexcavating contractor, but a problem solver.

What we did.

  • Hydro Excavation

Reyes Group Ltd.

Boris Volkov, Vice President

JACK CSI assisted Reyes Group Ltd. in locating utilities on complex projects from the very beginning on the O'Hare Modernization Program . . . These projects were schedule driven and often JACK was required to provide crews on very short notice. JACK CSI continues to provide innovative ideas in underground utility locating and because their dedication to safety is held at the highest level, we will continue to use their services as new projects arise.

What we did.

  • Underground Utility Locating

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